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Rawmantic is Le Mans second album, recorded in 8 different studios around Sweden by some epic producers and engineers. It is a direct reaction to the music scene and the situation they found themselves in after the release of their first album. 


The opening track, Mrs Tingeling, is mixed by the legend Chris Sheldon



The other tracks are mixed in Decibel Studios by Lasse Mårtén and Tommy Andersson and mastered in Cutting Room by Björn Engelmann.


It's raw, it's real and it's ready.

Reviews of the band


"Nothing stops me from giving the highest rating of this album".  
Sundsvalls Tidning, Julia Andersson, 5/5


"... I am very impressed... as a debut, this is very hard to beat". 
Metcia, Tina Arwidsson, betyg 9/10 


"…it sounds so incredibly good. It's gold for those with a bit of patience." , Jens Glanslandt, betyg 4/5  


"Le Mans has a huge potential. They write music that is perfect for live shows. Booking companies, keep an eye out for this band." 
Gothtronic, By Nightporter Grade 8.1/10


"It is an extremely addictive album... I am basically forced to keep hitting the repeat button." 
 Vampire Magazine, by Marcel


"A very nervy and exciting creation... such obvious groove and at the same time such a heavy pulse."  
Eskilstunakuriren, Torsten Braaf 


"A Band for the future. When Kris Le Mans voice is combined with a captivating melody, Le Mans has the winning formula."  
Hallandsposten Krister Svahn



"Rolling the stones" has a seductive groove that I dearly put on repeat."  
Piteå Tidning 


"Sometimes it is just beautiful and sometimes it is very dark."  
Dagbladet, Conny Pedersén


"I suspect that the road lays open for these guys like a 6 lane Autobahn to Munich." 
Folket, Jesper Bohm


"Rebel Action is an impressive debut from a very promising and interesting Swedish band who are lead by a very special singer... they  honor the expectations put on them." 
Musikindustrin, Tomas Fridholm 

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