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Le Mans is a Swedish band, originally based in Eskilstuna, near Stockholm.


There are about 3 or so bands in the world by the name Le Mans. This makes some streaming services confused, so this website was created to house the Swedish band Le Mans' music, videos and lyrics all in one place and make it easier to find for anyone who might be looking for it. The band has also included a few special gems, that no one outside their closed circle has ever heard before. These will be released in the near future alongside the worldwide re-release of their album Rawmantic. 


Le Mans' Story:
Pehr and Walle had known each other for a long time when they met Kris and all started making music together way back in 2003. The three of them had vastly different musical backgrounds, so everything clicked and clashed at the same time. The result was an explosive mix with the nerve that they had all been searching for. After a few months of writing and recording in an ice cold former mental institution, in the dead of Scandinavian winter, they called some friends, got their music out on the road and was offered a record deal after their 3rd live show. 


Their first single Countach (Now I'm dancing) was co-produced with Michael Lohse (Atomic Swing).

Same year Kris Le Mans sang on The Mo's duet 'Nostalgia Locomotive' that year which was number one on the Swedish radio chart 'Tracks' for several weeks.


Their first full-length album 'Rebel Action' was recorded during 8 intense days in the band Kent's studio Psykbunkern with the producers Jugglo Wall and Heikki Kiviaho. The album's first track, Forecast, was featured in one of the early Getaway Sthlm videos. 


Le Mans second album Rawmantic, was recorded in their own studio Old Custom Rd Studios as well as 7 other studios around Sweden. They produced some of the songs on their own and the rest with producers and mixers such as Rickard Löfgren, Linus Larsson, Peter Bjärgö. Mrs. Tingeling is mixed by the legend Chris Sheldon (Radiohead, Pixies, Foo Fighters, Garbage etc) and the other tracks mixed by Lasse Mårtén and Tommy Andersson in Decibel Studios.  At the time, Rawmantic was released in a few European countries only so the band is planning a worldwide re-release in the near future.


The name was inspired by the "Le Mans 24 hour" car race. The members have a fascination with music that enhances a ride in a fast moving vehicle and they test drove every new song in Pehrs 70's Chevy to make sure it had the right touch.


The band members are spread out all over the world, some with new bands or musical projects but recently the band has decided to re-release Rawmantic worldwide. Stay tuned for updates. 


The core members of Le Mans have always been Pehr, Kris and Walle, and additional members over the years have been: Fred (bass), Ivan (drums), Morgan (drums), Sara (keyboards), Daniel (bass).



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