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Dec 26, 2017

Flashback to an old "Getaway in Stockholm" clip that someone posted with our track 'Forecast' from 'Rebel Action' . Still great drive track.


Dec 23, 2017

Le Mans 'Die Die My Darling' Misfits cover is now live on Spotify, iTunes and most streaming places. Perfect for your holiday drives to get to and away from people or for when you need a moment alone. It's time to kill our darlings and move to a fresh new start. To 2018!  


Dec 21, 2017

Here it is. Die Die My Darling. A Misfits cover. Feels like the perfect way to sum up and end this year with. We have played this live so many times we thought it was a good time to make it a permanent recording.

Currently available on Youtube and Soundcloud and will soon also live on Spotify and other streaming services. 


Dec 19, 2017

A warm and fuzzy holiday special is on the way. Stay tuned. 


Dec 15, 2017

Le Mans album 'Rawmantic' scheduled to be released worldwide in the near future.

Nov 30, 2017

Le Mans is cooking up new and old gems in time for the new year. 


Nov 11, 2017

Le Mans is now also on Twitter and Instagram.


Sept 19, 2017

After a lot of confusion on the distribution channel side, Le Mans finally have our own artist page on Spotify. This is where you will be able to find new goodies in the near future. Listen and Subscribe here on Spotify to get the updates. 


Sept 3, 2017

Le Mans website is back up and running.


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